Towns and Cities

Mombaldone itself is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and is still surrounded by its original walls. Villa Mombaldone is on the outskirts of the village and is an ideal quiet location with the Bormida River passing on two sides. It’s valley location means it has easy access but has stunning views to the hills all around.

It’s central location and the local rail station provides easy, convenient access to Milan, Genoa, Turin, the Italian vineyards, Lakes, Monaco and Nice.

Nearby Acqui Terme is a beautiful Spa town. La Bollente is a hot sulphur spring in the centre of the town in a beautiful square. Locals come from miles around to bottle the steaming, pungent spa water. With designer shops, many restaurants, twice weekly street markets, fabulous cafes and one of the largest outdoor swimming pools in Europe, it is well worth a visit night or day.

Roccaverano is situated on the top of a hill dividing the two valleys created by the Bormida River, the steep drive is worth it for the stunning views. The fabulous goat’s cheese Robiola di Roccaverano D.O.P. cheese is produced here, it being a salty cheese is ideal served with the local honey. Visitors are welcome to visit the local goat farm/dairy.